Experimental Biology 2013 – Awkward start, yet great still!

This year’s experimental biology meeting is being held in Boston, Massachusetts. It is no secret that the recent series of unfortunate events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings has caused a dampening on this city’s morale. However, with the recent capture of the fugitives responsible, the city is now back to normal, after being on extreme lock down for the last several days.

There were several moments, in which I thought that the Experimental Biology 2013 meeting would not take place. But low and behold, the meeting is back on track (with increased security measures of course) and this great gathering of scientists is taking place at this very moment. Boston is stronger than ever and I look forward to exploring this wonderful city.  There is so much research, but oh so little time. Nevertheless follow me as I explore some of the most cutting edge research taking place right now. As the official meeting blogger for the American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP), we celebrate 100 years of science excellence.

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