Nobody or a Nation!

Either I’m nobody or I’m a NATION!

~Derek Walcott~

As the 2012 Experimental  Biology meeting comes to a close, I can not help but feel a sign of relief and disappointment. I am jaded in the sense that I will be leaving such a beautiful city, but also I am exhausted! However, I am a bit reluctant to err on the side of being happy that the meeting is over do to the fact that I had an absolute BLAST!

The following quote above comes from one of my favorite poets of all time; Derek Walcott is his name and let’s just say this Caribbean manipulator of prose sets the tone for this meeting’s close. So what in the world does this quote have to do with Experimental Biology 2012? Actually, that is a great question and I am so glad you asked!

Experimental Biology is one of the largest meetings in the world on science. It bridges multiple disciplines and brings people from all sorts of worldwide destinations to one big “geek fest”, a much needed and highly appreciated geek fest I must say! But, because the Experimental Biology meeting is so large, one might ponder on how their research contribution could mean anything amongst this vast array of science talent. For trainees this feeling comes more often than none! However, it is this very intricate culmination of a little here and there that makes EB such a great meeting.

As a new “kid on the block” in the blogging game, I salute all science bloggers who I have met on this trip and I am appreciative of your help! I’m not the type to give shout outs because I feel I might miss someone. But……. I have to give a huge shout out to Angela Hopp, (@angelahopp) , @scicurious, @hapsci, @DNLee5 for their media expertise and also the American Society for Investigative Pathology (@ASIPath).

Either I am a nobody stands to reaffirm us of our humility in this science game. It is healthy sometimes to not feel like you have it all together. I like to think it creates constant hunger and rejects complacency. However being a nobody doesn’t have to be a means to an end, because you could also “be a nation” and certainly when science appreciators come together for a meeting like this, that is exactly what we are.

A  science nation!!




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