Joining the Ranks of Science-Blogging Greats and Experimental Biology 2012


During this year’s Experimental Biology Conference in San Diego, California, I have the great opportunity of serving as the official meeting blogger for the American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP). As a graduate student this presents itself as a wonderful opportunity in not only to attend a great meeting but to blog among the ranks of some of the best science bloggers in the game. Many have reached out to offer their assistance in keeping me up to speed during the process.

I must admit that I am “super” excited and I encourage you all to visit my blog for updates regarding the Experimental Biology Conference and ASIP news. ASIP is only a year away from celebrating its centennial. For almost one-hundred years, this society has focused on science excellence and outreach. Some ASIP highlights will include symposiums ranging from the Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease (4/22) and a Personalized Medicine and Breast Cancer Workshop (4/21). Additionally, I will be using twitter and I will be tweeting on ASIP’s behalf @SciReflector. A link to my twitter page can be found on the home page of the Science Reflections blog.

May happy blogging speed my way!!


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